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Sherry Lawson and Delilah: Home


This might be the time to consider taking a second job. You'll want to save up so you can bid on us at the KKFI Band Auction! What would you do with a 5 piece Girl Band? Think about it! The possibilities are endless! House Concert, a fund raiser for your favorite charity, a back yard bar-b-Que, music for a flash mob at work! See? What could you do with a free performance by your favorite local band ;-) Check out the calendar for specifics and BID! BID! BID! There's no better reason that supporting local music and that's what KKFI does best.

While you're visiting here check out the new 'godmothers' pic from our latest monthly band meeting. 

Thanks for visiting. It makes my day when I get a new signature and message on my Guest Book so please don't forget it! Come back often, you never know what we're up to.

If you haven't heard Sherry Lawson and Delilah yet we are making easier for you all the time. Caron Simpson on acoustic and electric bass, Lucky Garcia on acoustic and electric guitar and Kristin Chow on fiddle. We've added percussion and harmony vocals in with Susan Ann Williams (who happens to be my double second cousin -what?)

We're playing my songs and a few covers to keep everyone awake ;-) The addition of Kristen's fiddle seemed to be just what we and the songs needed. I can't wait for you all to hear us.

Stay posted and sign up to be on the email list and I'll let you know when and where. Also we're on FB, like us at Sherry Lawson and Delilah, that's the easiest way to know where we'll be playing next.

Also, I would love to write your song, click on that tab to the left and find out how much fun we can have with that!

Enjoy your stay on our site and come back often! I love it!