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Sherry Lawson and Delilah: Home

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Thanks for visiting. It makes my day when I get a new signature and message on my Guest Book so please don't forget it! Come back often, you never know what we're up to.

If you haven't heard about the change in our lineup let me tell you about it: We've added Lindy Griffith on lead guitar and mandolin. With me :-) on vocals, guitars and bouzouki is Caron Simpson on acoustic and electric bass and Kristin Chow on fiddle. 

This addition has given us a bigger sound and more opportunity to branch out into some new flavors. 

Stay posted and sign up to be on the email list and I'll let you know when and where. Also we're on FB, like us at Sherry Lawson and Delilah, that's the easiest way to know where we'll be playing next.

Also, I would love to write your song. Cllick on that tab to the left and find out how much fun we can have with that!

Enjoy your stay on our site and come back often! I love it!